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Why China can’t make the precision CNC spinning machine

Article Source:Dinnovation  Number of Visitors:3  Time:2021-03-28

China is a rapidly developing country after the reform and opening -up ,the advantages of Chinese manufacturing industry is the low labor cost compare to the other developed country .we have the lower unit price of consumer goods the development of Chinese factory is based on many low -end industrial products ,it settle many problem of employment .it takes Chinese a industrial base and industry .

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Dongguan is a manufacturing capital of the world ,it is also early development place of metal spinning ,when you come to Dongguan ,you can see different industrial agglomeration in the town of Dongguan . it is convenient to settle the different processing ways applied in a products ,Such as metal spinning shell needs polishing and brused to deal with the stainless steel of surface ,or powder coating and painting are applied in the steel to prevent dusty ,oxidation was used in aluminum surface ,if you have a metal spinning factory in Dongguan ,it is convenient to deal with other processing way for customer .So metal spinning is widely applied in lampshade shell and tableware ,these are products don’t need accuracy ,it can be made by hand spinning .with the development of CNC spinning machine ,many factory to by CNC spinning machine instead of hand spinning to save the labor cost . many CNC spinning manufacturer don’t have the technician without research and design ability ,their CNC spinning machine just can process the lampshade without accuracy requirement .

There are many metal spinning company think that CNC spinning machine don’t need accuracy ,they just make and assemble the CNC spinning machine according to the experience ,some company buy the CNC spinning machine to modify by changing the parting tool .Even though CNC spinning machine also can spin the aluminum and steel form without accuracy , but it is not stability to control the accuracy in the production ,especially when the machine are used to spin stainless steel ,it is easy to break or the thickness is not uniform after spinning ,So these metal spinning machine just can make the simple product in the consumer goods.

There are some company have the ability of research and development of metal spinning machine ,these companies have many suppliers to make different parts of metal spinning machine ,all the machines parts are controlled accuracy by supplier ,the accuracy of most of Chinese parts is not well when it is compare to Germany ,the main parts of CNC metal spinning machine is foundry machine bed ,it needs destressing and ageing ,ageing needs 3 years time put the foundry machine bed outside in Japan or German, but Chinese company just takes 3 months to deal ageing ,when the machine bed is processed by CNC milling ,even though the accuracy is made according to the design drawing ,but the residual internal stress of foundry machine bed cause the deformation ,the machine accuracy will be reduce after using for a period of time .on the another hand ,the types of rail line and bearings is important for CNC spinning machine .if the quality of rail line and bearings is not good ,the machine have a shorter service life .

Even though Chinese company research and develop CNC spinning machine for a long time ,it still have a little gap with Japan and German, not only the technique and experience has a gap ,but also the quality management and attitude is important to improve the level of CNC spinning machine . China have the complete industrial chain and cheaper labor cost ,this is the key advantages to compete with others ,it takes less time to finnish a CNC spinning machine after getting PO from customer .the unit price of CNC spinning machine is cheaper than other country  ,so Chinese company still have marketing position in the world .