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How about the unit price of the metal spinning parts in Dinnovation

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There are many factory in the different country to make spun parts .the unit price is different when you get the quotation from them. We insist on quality number one .so Dinnovation bougt many different machines instead of hand work to control the quality .in order to offer the reasonable price to our customer ,Dinnovation built the following advantages .

The depreciation of machine

We design and assemble four cnc spinning machines by ourselves ,it is cheaper than other factory to buy from machine company .some machines are not stronger enough to spin and the accuracy is not good ,so it can't be stable in the production .we optimize the machine to suit different requirement to improve the production efficiency and quality .

We bought the rest of machines from Okay machine which is cooperate with us ,we offer the machines advertised show in our factory ,they offer the cheaper CNC spinning machine when we need .

So the depreciation of machine is less in Dinnovation .

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The raw material cost 

we can spin dimension from 50mm-1300mm, we cut different round sheet from one gauge plate together ,we usually use the rest of the plate to make little metal spinning ,to improve the utilization ratio of material .

The production cost 

We choose different CNC spinning machine according to different dimension and type ,to improve the production efficiency and reduce the production cost .

● Little tube spinning machine : making diameter from 50mm to 150mm.

● Big tube spinning machine : making diameter from 100mm to 400mm.

● Little sheet spinning machine : making diameter from 50mm to 250mm

● Big sheet spinning machine : making diameter from 100mm to 500mm

● Large sheet spinning machine : making diameter from  400mm to 1300mm

cnc spinning machines

The management cost 

the management includes the management of factory and the management of suppliers ,the management cost of factory in Dinnovation is same almost with others, but the management cost of suppliers is cheaper than others .we have a long-term suppliers which are close to Dinnovation  ,it is convenient to negotiate and control production problems face to face in suppliers' factory . Our technician can go four suppliers every day .it will take a few time on the road ,one technician can control more suppliers and products one day , so our management cost is cheaper .

The transportation cost 

We make the metal spinning , polishing , holes in our factory , we reduce to transport the main body (shell) because it is bigger than other metal parts , the transportation of the main body is expensive ,on the other hand ,main body is easy to bump and scratch in the transportation .we usually make the little metal parts by our suppliers ,such as turning parts ,milling parts and metal sheet ,the transportation cost of the little parts is cheaper .

the different metal spinning parts and suppliers

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