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Why the production period of the metal spinning is short in Dinnovation

Article Source:Dinnovation  Number of Visitors:213  Time:2020-03-09

Many customers is amazing about the speed that we quote and make sample .Not only we offer good quality of the metal spinning parts  ,efficiency is our goal .

Technical communication 

we need to negotiate the technical problems after getting drawing from customer ,we often note the technical details in the drawing or the images to our customer ,we will give our suggestions and solutions to our customer to make sure the production is without problems .it will take one days to reply our customer .

We have made many metal spinning in different field ,so we know how to make the shell better , what actual thickness after spining the shell need in the function ,which position should be welded to improve the strength and easy to polish . we will give the exact process ways to our customer on time ,If we have another ideals and solutions ,we also will tell our customer .

●The design software we use : 3D- UG, Sliderwork , 2D - CAD.

Quotation period 

We has our factory to make spinning ,welding and  polishing .so we never ask for price from suppliers like the trade company .We usually need CNC turning and milling ,powder coating and sheet metal ,it is near our factory wIthink two kilometers ,it is convenient to negotiate with the factory directly when we has problems .so we quote in two days after getting the drawing from our customer .

Sample period 

We have two metal spinning machines to make sample ,we make brushed and 3D laser cutting in our factory ,when we need CNC turning and milling parts ,we will asked the suppliers to provide which is nearby ,when the parts has problems ,we can fix it quickly again .

The distance between Dinnovation with our suppliers .

● Large CNC turning - to make metal spinning mold  : 5 kilometer                       

● Planar laser cutting - to make round metal sheet : 0.8 kilometer 

● 3D laser cutting - to make the holes on the shell : 5 kilometer 

● CNC turning - to make little CNC turning parts : 0.1 kilometer 

● CNC milling - to make little CNC milling parts :0.1 kilometer 

● Powder coating - to make surface treatment for steel: 5 kilometer 

● Oxidation - to make surface treatment for aluminum : 8 kilometer 

● Mirror polishing - to make surface treatment for stainless steel : 3 kilometer 

● Carton and wooden box - to packing the product :1 kilometer 

Production period

we make the main body of metal spinning in our factory ,the quality of metal spinning and polishing are controlled by our team ,when another parts like CNC turning and sheet metal need to assemble with metal spinning parts ,we will take the part from the another company to assemble ,it will move forward after we check the quality is good .this move is quickly as the distance is short ,we can negotiate with each other face to face easily .

Transportation period 

we don't have the transportation period because the distance better our suppliers and Dinnovation is close, it is easy to scratch and bump in the transportation process ,so we just transport the main body of the shell one time to the port ,it is important to reduce the transportation times to control the quality .

the ways we make the metal shell