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A letter to our customers --­ Dinnovation

Article Source:Dinnovation  Number of Visitors:236  Time:2020-03-09

We focus on metal spinning .It is a long road to learn metal spinning and improve our technique .I believe it is an good beginning when we start the first cooperation. We are not far away from each other as metal spinning , every image in this website is our steps that Dinnovation has served customer.

We insist the  quantity of metal spinning is number one  , we will be more sel­confident as the difficulty that we have met in metal spinning manufacturing .it is our honor to offer the perfect metal spinning shells to our customers .Metal spinning is the our languages to describe Dinnovation's hard work . We strive to be the special and excellent company in the metal spinning industry .

Donguan is a world's manufacturing city ,it has more suppliers to cooperate to complete the product .we came ,Dongguan in 2015 in addition to precipitation spinning technology ,while we consolidate the suppliers .we begin to  build our advantages in metal spinning solutions based on our metal spinning factory .Faster quotation ,shorter sampe period and better quality will be our main goal .we make different metal shell for different country again and again , we hope to offer more perfect solutions to our customer .

Let us to build the bridge by metal spinning ,We insist it ,you witness it .

At last ,thank you for choosing Dinnovation as the metal spinning supplier .

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