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What is metal spinning

Article Source:Dinnovation  Number of Visitors:147  Time:2020-06-11

Many peoples don't know how metal spinning works, but you must use many different spun part in your life .such as pan ,fire bowl ,cup , bottle and container which are made by metal spinning .

the principle of  metal spinning round metal sheet is workblank ,it is put on the spinning mold in the spinning lathe .it produce transformation when the sheet is extruded by spinning roller according to the routine of the spinning roller .spinning routine can be controlled by hand work or CNC program .

What is the machine used by metal spinning 

We usually use CNC spinning lathe to process ,some company use hand spinning lathe ,CNC spinning machine will has better accuracy after spinning than hand spinning ,it can process thicker sheet and works stablely .

metal spinning Dinnovation

The types of metal spinning 

we can classify the type of metal spinning by workblank ,the workblank is sheet ,we call it sheet spinning ,the workblank is tube,we call it tube spinning .

tube spinning and sheet spinning

Spinning classify according to the processing ways 

spinning ways

The advantages of metal spinning 

CNC spinning machine is suitable for low-volume , thicker metal material , complex shape, high precision parts production.

Compared wtih hand spinning 

Hand spinning is hard to spin thicker metal sheet because of the limited manpower, and technicians can't control the precision like CNC spinning machine .hand spinning just can process the metal sheet which thickness is less than 1.5mm.

Compared with stamping and pressing

Stamping and pressing can process axisymmetrical thin-walled parts as well ,stamping and pressing can't process the product of complex shape .The mold is more expensive than CNC spinning and mold period is longer than CNC spinning ,it is not convenient to adjust the mold size if product need to change the size ,so most of company choose CNC spinning as  calibration and trial production craft  in the researching period. 

Compared with CNC turning 

CNC turning need thicker material and longer production time than CNC spinning ,such as the product of the following picture ,CNC turning need over 6mm thickness tube to process ,but CNC spinning just need 2.5mm thickness tube to process . 

CNC turning and CNC spinning processing schematic drawing

CNC spinning advantages 

CNC spinning machine can finish the turning and spinning forming in one mold ,that reduce many clamping time ,the precision and intensity is good ,the less material and mold cost is obvious advantages .