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The advantages of metal spinning

Article Source:Dinnovation  Number of Visitors:48  Time:2020-09-29

Metal spinning processing has many advantages, it is especially suitable for some high strength and difficult deformation of materials, it can be made by metal spinning .

Compared with pressing.

● The forming capacity : The metal deformation conditions are good. During spinning, the contact area between the spinning roller and the metal sheet is close to point contact, so the contact area is small and the unit pressure is high, it is up to 2500 ~ 3500MPa or above. Therefore, spinning is suitable for processing high-strength materials with difficult deformation,the total deformation force required is small, thus the tonnage of a spinning machine is only about 1/20 of a press machine for processing the same size parts.

● The mold : Metal spinning can make complex shape by one time ,it can finish rolling the edge ,forming ,neck spinning by one process ,but pressing need more process to do .so pressing need more mold to do every process .because the forming force of pressing is stronger ,so the material of the pressing mold is harder than metal spinning .and the mold of spinning will has a long die life . .the mold cost of metal spinning is lower than pressing ,metal spinning has shorter production period when you make the sample .it is easy to adjust the size when the mold need to repair .

● The thinning rate : The thinning rate of meta spinning is bigger than pressing .Spinning thinning rate is usually about 30%, the stamping and pressing thinning rate is about 8% . So metal spinning needs the litter material .it saves the material .

● The surface of the shell : Spinning lines are round ,but pressing lines are straight  .


● The strength : Metal spinning can make grain refining ,the hardness and the strength will be better than pressing .

● The production efficiency : the production efficiency of pressing is quicker than metal spinning usually .

● The internal stress : the spinning is bigger than pressing .

Compared with turning

Turning can make thin-walled part as well ,it can make the the sheet that thickness is over 3mm ,if the thickness is lower than 2mm ,it is hard to clamp by fixture as the strength is not enough .On the other hand ,when the shape is like the cone or the bowl ,it wastes the materials by turning .When the shape is like the tube ,tube spinning is a better ways than turning ,CNC metal spinning machine also can make turning after spinning forming as well .

Metal spinning parts has better strength when the sharp and thickness is same than turning .metal spinning parts is popular with military industry ,spinning can make grain refining to improve the hardness and the strength ,when you need to control the weight of the part ,but you don't want to lose the strength of the parts, metal spinning is a good choice .

Now thin -walled parts is essential in manufacturing , Now more and more designer like to use the metal spinning to make the shell ,it is cheap and easy to make mold and adjust the size quickly .it can save the development time when you design a new product .

Even though hand spinning has a long history in sheet metal manufacturing ,but CNC spinning needs to improve and develop to make the high precision parts ,internal stress make metal spinning parts ellipse ,if it has new technical to reduce the effect of internal stress .the metal spinning will be better applied in the different field .

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