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Why choose dinnovation as Metal spinning supplier

Article Source:Dinnovation  Number of Visitors:129  Time:2020-10-04

There are many suppliers in metal spinning industry, Dinnovation focus on metal spinning solutions from 2010, we are the good choice for customer because we settle the different problems of the metal spinning shell in these ten years ,we just do metal spinning ,we are good at making metal spinning .now we introduce our advantages in the following .

1. The metal spinning machine we use

Many metal spinning factory still use the hand spinning still ,hand spinning can't control the size because the hand force is not stable ,the force will reduce when people is tire .

Many factory buy CNC spinning machines which is made not stronger enough to spin the thicker sheet , and the accuracy of the machine is not good to control the spinning dimension .

Dinnovation has the ability to design and custom the machine by ourselves ,our team worked in a famous cnc spinning machine company before ,so we can design and assemble the special machien when it is required to improve the quality and efficiency .on the another hand ,we have many cnc spinning machines to serve our customer .

metal spinning factory

2. The experiences of the dinnovation

We have the technicians to design mold and fixturing ,adjut mold and control the production problems ,we have 8 years of experiences to make different metal spinning shell , compared to other supplier ,they only produce very few shells every year , Dinnovation spin over one hundred of different metal spinning shell every year , even though we meet many troubles, We adjust the sample quickly and settle different problems .

we know more details and standard of metal spinning parts in the different application ,we change and optimize management system to suit different industries ,to make sample quickly and keep stable production .

3. metal spinning solutions and suggestions

we have good knowledge in metal spinning solutions , not only how to the metal spinning sample ,we will give our suggestion to customer about the reasonable structure and the reasonable making ways . we consider and reduces the production problems advanced ,using the good ways to save the cold in total .

4. we are factory

we are not trade company , we are Chinese factory ,so our price is lower than trade company ,but we can negotiate with our customer directly when we have problems in the production ,we are professional in metal spinning field ,we quot quickly , make sample quickly ,negotiate quickly .

when you cooperate with the trade company ,they will ask for quotation from us ,ask the problems from us ,there are many problems if we don't negative directly .Dinnovation is based on the factory to serve our customer ,to provide metal spinning of good quality .

Dinnovation factory environment

5. we have complete suppliers nearby

Dongguan is named world's manufacturing factory ,there are many different supplier in Dongguan , such as CNC turning , polishing , powder coating ,sheet metal ,laser cutting , cnc milling and so on , it is convenient to control our supplier within two kilometers . it is lower cost to manage our quality of the parts . it is an effective work to control when all the suppliers are  nearby .