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The difference between hand spinning and CNC spinning

Article Source:Dinnovation  Number of Visitors:44  Time:2020-10-05

The CNC spinning develop based on hand spinning ,but many people don't know the difference of hand spinning and CNC spinning ,we will introduce the details in the following .

● Spinning mold : CNC spinning need a better precision mold than hand spinning .if the accuracy of mold is not good, the clearance between spinning roller and mold will change ,it effect the spinning forming .

● Spinning path : Hand spinning control the spinning path by hand ,but CNC control the spinning path by CNC program .Hand spinning is easier to make sample ,but production is not stable ,because hand force is not stable when technician is tire in spinning ,hand force can't control the precision clearance of spinning roller and mold .if you process thick wall spinning product ,people may be spin it well in the morning ,but they can't spin it wellafter the hand force reduce in the afternoon.

● Spinning accuracy : Hand force is not stable that effects the accuracy of metal spinning parts .the spinning path is different when it spun by hand ,so it is hard to control the accuracy of dimension .

● Spinning thickness : The hand spinning can make metal sheet shear deformation , so the thinning rate is less than CNC spinning . hand force is not strong enough to spin the thicker metal if the thickness of aluminum is over 2mm and the harder metal like stainless steel , but CNC spinning  can form harder and thicker metal sheet .

● Spinning surface : Hand spinning has good exterior surface ,but CNC spinning has good interior surface .

hand spinning

Even though CNC spinning has many advantages compared to hand spinning .CNC spinning can't replace the hand spinning in the thin sheet metal forming ,hand spinning make sample more conveniently and quickly .CNC spinning is more and more popular in the factory,because it is easy to control the quality and improve the production efficiency ,it saves production cost and management cost . now hand spinning just be applied in tableware hardware and lampshade fitting with a  small amount of production ,factory buy CNC spinning to applied in the precision shell and the mass production .