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How to choose a right CNC spinning machine

Article Source:Dinnovation  Number of Visitors:78  Time:2020-10-05

Many company want to buy CNC spinning machine to make spun parts, we not only need to consider the price of the machine ,we also need to understand the performance of the machine ,there are some suggestions to help you to buy a right machine when you need .

we classify the cnc spinning machine according to the accuracy and the force. 

  • The precision machine : it has good work accuracy that is assembled within 0.02mm

  • The strong machine : it has good spinning force to form . feed speed is slower than common machine .

  • The common machine : the spinning force is not strong and the accuracy is not good .

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  1. According to the thickness of metal spinning to choose a machine

    if you need to spin the thicker metal sheet ,such as aluminum is over 3mm, steel is over 2mm, stainless is over 1.4mm, you have better to buy the strong machine ,enven though it is expensive ,it can bear more spinning force and can work stablely in the production .if you buy the common machine ,the spindle motor will stop to work when the force is not enough to spin the sheet . the strength of the casting machine bed will be damaged or cracked if we overload to use .

    if the thickness is thinner than above ,we can choose the common machine, it has high feed speed and work fastly ,it will improve the production efficiency .and the price of the machine is cheaper than stronger machine. 

  2. According to the metarial to choose a machine

    The different metal sheet has the different hardness and ductility ,we usually use stainless steel ,steel ,aluminum ,copper and brass as he raw material .if we use machine to spinning stainless steel ,we had better to buy the machine which has strong force and good accuracy ,as you know ,stainless steel is hard, it needs strong force make it deformation ,on the other hand ,if the accuracy is not good ,we can't control the gap between spinning roller and the mold ,it is easy to break in spinning .

    The other metal don't need machine with high accuracy ,if it is thick ,you just buy strong machine is enough .

  3. According to the dimension to choose a machine

    Except the thick and metal effect the spinning force ,diameter is a  key factor that effect the spinning force .the bigger diameter needs strongger force when the thick and metal is same .

    We needs to choose the specification of the machine according to the dimension of metal spinning .

How do you judge whether the machine is the strong 

you can read the instruction of the machine ,you can compare the spindle specification and the motor specification ,the number is bigger ,it can output stronger spinning force ,the casting machine bed decides what force the machine can bear .

If you read above seriously ,you will know how to choose an exact metal spinning machine .