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The development and situation of Metal spinning companies

Article Source:Dinnovation  Number of Visitors:83  Time:2020-10-07

With the rapid development of the science and technology , more and more parts are mainly manufactured by metal spinning, it brings a lot of development opportunities to metal spinning companies.At same time,they also face a lot of competition.At First, the number of spinning peers are increasing gradually. Second, spinning companies have no accurate position in many product fields.Third, the metal spinning company's spinning technology capacity has limitations. let's introduce the different period of metal spinning companies in development .

The hand spinning period

People use hand spinning lathe to make shells in the beginning ,it just can process  lampshade ,tableware ,hotel fitting and so on ,these fittings don't need accuracy without assembly requirement .Hand spinning lathe is cheap ,it spin the metal less than 1mm stainless steel and 1.5mm aluminum ,when the metal is thicker ,hand force is not enough to spin the metal easily ,it is tire to work for a long time .the accuracy of the hand spinning is not good as hand force is not stable .the spinning routine is different per spinning product .the people improve their spinning deformation technical in this period .

The CNC spinning period

People developed the CNC spinng based on hand spinning ,the CNC spinning control the spinning routine according to the CNC program ,on the other hand ,the CNC spinning force is stable that is outputed by motor ,so the accuracy is better than hand spinning , it can spin thicker metal as long as the motor can offer stronger force .it improve the production efficiency and quality .when the CNC spinning machine appear ,many companies begin to buy the CNC spinning machines instead of hand spinning .

Automatic production period

Automatic equipment can be applied in cnc spinning instead of people’s work of the loading and unloading ,many companies like to manger the machine as labor is more and more expensive .but hand spinning can't be applied the automatic equipment .it lost the advantages to control the quality and cost ,The hand spinning companies is seldom in the metal spinning industry now  .

Shear spinning and precision spinning period

there are many outstanding metal spinning mahine companies in the word ,such as MJC, Lefield ,Denn, they manufacture the good CNC spinning machine and sell it to different country ,the machine can spin the thicker metal and better accuracy than before ,it is more and more popular in the hardware manufacturing .the precision metal spinning fittings are applied different industry ,the spinning process technology are improved and developed fastly .

metal spining company

Compare to the different period , you can know the advantages of different metal spinning company and find the exact direction in the marketing .Even though the metal spinning technology is mature in 21th century ,but there are many tough need us to overcome and break through ,how to combine the pressing and spinning to improve the production efficiency , how to test the temperature in the heating spinning ,how to control the accuracy of dimension that is effected by internal stess .It needs a long term to learn and develop .