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How do you learn and improve metal spinning process

Article Source:Dinnovation  Number of Visitors:46  Time:2020-10-08

Metal spinning process is an important technology in the manufacturing ,many technicians needs many years to learn from different product ,deformation is a hard process if you don't have enough experience ,there are some tips help you to learn and improve metal spinning .

①Spinning mold and roller :this is based technology in metal spinning ,you need learn how to make the mold and roller by turning ,and you also can assemble the mold and roller ,to control the accuracy of Circular Runout of mold and roller wthin 0.02mm.these are the key factor effect the spinning gap .

②Spinning path and gap : There are the most important technology in metal spinning process ,you need to choose the exact spinning path and gap ,even though different technician has different spinning path according to their experience , you can find the laws of the gap is related to the metal type ,the softer metal need a little spinning gap .

③Adjusting the dimension : when the sheet is finnished deformation ,you have the original size which can't meet the requirements, the diameter is usually bigger as the metal springback , you have two ways to reduce the diameter ,At first ,you can fix the mold and reduce the diameter of the mold ,second ,you can reduce the gap to overcome the springback .

④Material property : the ductility is the most important factor to choose spinning path. you need to know more and more metal technology before.you can know more details in this page the material of metal spinning

the metal spinning process technology

How do you check the springback or gap on the metal spinng processing ?

when the sheet is finished deformation ,you can use a metal bar to knock on the metal spinning product ,the sound is bigger if the gap between mold and metal spinning product is bigger ,it proves the springback is big ,you can reduce the spinning gap that you set .

How do you deal with when the sheet is broken ?

When the spining is over the ductility of metal type ,the sheet will broken ,except you need to adjust your spinning path ,you also need to check the radius of spinning roller ,if the sheet is thicker ,you need to choose the big radius of spinning roller .when the sheet is too thin that is less than 1.2mm, you had better to choose the spinning roller that radius is less 4mm ,thin sheet don't have strength when you spin ,it crease easily when you use big radius of spinning roller . you need to improve the strength by the little spinning roler .if you find the edge of sheet is broken when the thickness is over 2mm ,you need to choose radius is about 8mm .

Spinning gap is the important factor cause the sheet broken ,if the gap is too big ,the spinning roller can pull the sheet longer .it is easy to get the ductility limit ,you can check it according to whether the interior surface is smooth .If the gap is little ,you can find that the spinning line are not uniform .