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The development prospect of metal spinning company in China

Article Source:Dinnovation  Number of Visitors:82  Time:2020-10-16

Chinese matal spinning companies begin to hand spinning from 1960, they spin tableware and lampshade shell, Manual spinning develop quickly depends on Chinese cheap labor cost ,the first CNC spinng machine was designed in 2000, CNC spinng machines are used in tableware and lampshade ,it can improve the production efficiency and reduce the labor work .the hand spinng lost the advantages and fade away .the unit price is cheaper and the balance cost is harder to get , many traditional metal spinning face the crisis of brankruptcy.

Shear spinng machine come from the 2010 in China , it can process the fittings more thicker ,higher precision .there is Okay machine company which make the better shear spinng machine ,Okay machine make the specification of shear spinning machine that the diameter is over 800mm , it can spin stainless steel over 3mm thickness . the machine can have better applied in different industry ,such as funnel /hopper ,venturi, head ,fan which is bigger and thicker metal .Now cnc spinning make the part can have better strength and accuracy  ,it break through the limit of the manual spinning .It has stronger market competitiveness .

okay cnc spinning machine

China has good manufacturing marketing in the world ,we have different and complete manufacturing factory here ,such as turning ,milling ,powder coating ,all these factory can finished the parts ,so many companies like to buy metal spinning parts from Chinese metal spinning companies .compared to the other metal spinning companies in different country ,China has good manufacturing chain , the metal spinning technology is better than India , the manufacturing cost is lower than Japanese and Europe country .the disadvantage is we don't have the CNC spinning machine with the good accuracy ,it is hard to control the quality when we make the precision metal parts .The spinning technology is improved quickly after 2015,metal spinning companies have more choice to buy different spinning machine . not only China have the ability to make the metal spinning machines which is applied in military ,the precision machine are designed and developed in difference industries .Schools are built to teach the spinning technology ,more and more students work for metal spinning after graduating. it takes a stronger and further step for metal spinning .

Even though China has many advantages in metal spinning ,it need Chinese metal spinning companies to work hard to design and develop more and more excellent machines ,except we improve the technical in the different application ,education is the key factor to offer the technicians to metal spinning industry .we believe metal spinning will have the better development in China .