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How long do you learn to metal spinning

Article Source:Dinnovation  Number of Visitors:49  Time:2020-10-16

Many metal spinning buy the CNC spinning machine ,but they don't know how to use the machine to debug the spinning deformation . it needs a long time to learn the basic spinning  technical ,then you can have the ideas to spin the product by yourself .different people need different period to master the metal spinning technology ,it takes two years at least .

1. CNC program

you need to know how to use CNC program , you can use CAD or Maxcan soft to help you do it  ,it  takes two weeks if have someone to teach you .

2. Turning mold

when you know how to write the CNC program ,you can turn the mold in the CNC machine ,you need to understand different turning toolings are used in different hardness of metal ,what the feed and spindle speed is used in different mold .it will take two weeks to learn turning mold .

3. Metal property

you can search the metal knowledge in the website ,you can compare the ductility ,hardness and tensile strength to make sure whether the spinning property is good .or you can browse this page . it will takes one weeks to learn .

4. Drawing the spinning path

it takes longest time to learn ,you not only need to know metal property ,the metal will break up when you don't have exact spinning path ,you need to adjust when it break up according to different metal and different shape , you also need to adjust the gap when the accuracy is not good .it will take two years to learn from different product .

different metal spinning products

5. Design spinning mold

spinning mold is easier to learn than pressing mold ,you can learn to make a mold in a week ,but when the mold is complex ,such as demould design , sectional mold ,tube fixturing, it needs time to learn .

Even though spinning technical is harder than other manufacturing technical ,but if you take time to learn , you can improve the many skill quickly , you also can read Dinnovation metal spinning articles to know more details about metal spinning .