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Why the metal spinning parts are different in Dinnovation

Article Source:Dinnovation  Number of Visitors:55  Time:2020-10-22

We usually offer the complete metal spinning shells to our customers. these process includes  CNC turning and milling, welding, brushed and polishing,powder coating and spray paint. we control the quality of every process step by our team. The two main functions of metal spinning shell includes surface effect and assembled accuracy, we keep the hardest process is made in our factory.

special metal spinning parts

Metal spinning technology - to spin complex shape and good accuracy

we focus on metal spinning . we make over 1000 kinds of metal spinning shell for different industry. we have mature technology to form different shape. Our four technicians have worked for debugging CNC spinning machine over 7 years. it takes shorter time to make sample. we keep making hard deformation shells that is over 120 kinds every year. our metal spinning shells are  complex shape and good accuracy .

CNC spinning machine - to spin big and thick sheet

we buy six big CNC spinning machines to spin big and thick metal, to reduce sample period. these machines are more expensive than other metal spinning companies. we also have designed and assembled four machines to suit with different shape of metal shell by ourselves. we would like to settle the special and hard spinning parts .

Complete solutions - metal spinning ,turning ,polishing ,welding ,3d laser cutting ,powder coating

we make the main body of metal spinning part in our factory , to reduce transportation time to prevent the scratch in the transportation ,we buy the little CNC turning ,CNC milling, metal sheet parts from other factory nearby ,to keep it is convenient to control and negotiate .we will also weld and assemble all the parts in our factory . we deal with the surface problems and assembled problems by our team to make sure the latest quality .

Design negotiation - we have the good suggestion

we use CAD and UG to design ,we usually suggest our customer to choose the better ways when the design drawing has problems to make .On the other hand ,we will give the solution which can save the cost ,we will consider every step in manufacturing of metal spinning parts .