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Cnc metal spinning machine instruction

Article Source:Dinnovation  Number of Visitors:52  Time:2020-11-08

CNC metal spinning machine tools introduction 

CNC spinning machine is a equipment that can spin forming the metal ,it develops base on hand spinning ,the spinning roller path is control by CNC, the structure is familiar with the CNC lathe .but CNC spinning machine needs stronger strength to offer stronger spinning force than turning force,spinning moves more quickly than CNC turning ,CNC spinning machine also can finish turning when you assemble a turning tool on it .


The structure of cnc metal spinning machine

the structure of cnc metal spinning machine

The main parts includes spindle ,tool post ,tail stock ,guide rail,screw ,the hydraulic pressure station ,machine bed ,numerical control system and so on .


The CNC metal spinning machine working principle

CNC spinning mold : it needs better accuracy than hand spinning ,we need connect the mold on the spinning spindle .

metal sheet : we put the sheet on the spinning mold ,than tailstock pullout and press the sheet on the spinning mold .the pressing can make sheet turn with when the spindle .you can adjust the size pressure by the hydraulic pressure station ,thicker metal sheet needs stronger force ,so the pressure is bigger .

spinning roller : it is assembled on the tool post, CNC program control the CNC spinning path to form the sheet .


The size of CNC spinning machine 

The spinning diameter :the size of spindle (the turning centre to casting machine bed ) decides what the diameter of the metal sheet can be spun form.

The oil cylinder of tail stock :this decides the demoulding height of the spinning .

The X axis and Y axis displaycement : it decides what the diameter and height can be spun by the machine .


The difference between CNC spinning machine and CNC lathe 

Many company want to refit a CNC lathe to make metal spinining ,but it is not well to use .CNC lathe needs higher precision ,but CNC spinning machine needs stronger force and works more quickly .the casting machine bed is the basic section ,the casting machine bed of the CNC turning lathe is not enough strong to make spinning ,if you spin thicker metal ,the casting machine bed will break when it bear the extra force ,the lead sreaw and line rail of CNC turning lathe is little ,it wears quickly when if work more quickly with stronger spinning force .we also need the bigger torque output by spindle motor .so you had better to buy a CNC spinning machine ,not refiting the CNC turning machine .


The common problems of CNC metal spinning machine

Spinning stop and slip: if you find the spindle stop and slip in spinning ,it indicate that the motor torque is not enough to bear the spinning force when you spin the thick metal sheet .so you can choose the big motor can settle it .

Tool post move : if the spinning gap is little when you make mistake ,the tool post will move ,if you spin thick sheet ,the tool post move , you can increase the screws to connect the tool post with the casting machine bed to improve the connection force .

The scratchs of the bottom of the sheet : it indicate the pressure of the cylinder of tailstock is not enough ,the friction better sheet and mold is little ,so metal sheet will slip on the mold .

The cycle run-out : the spindle centre and tailstock are not same ,you need to adjust the tailstock to make the concentricity accuracy is less than 0.05mm

Machine running accuracy : if you find the accuracy of metal spinning products are not good ,if the CNC spinning machine have worked for a long time ,the lead screw ball wear and reduce will make the accuracy disappear ,you can replace the lead screw ball .

Not running smoothly: you can check whether rail line is wear or damage .


The important specification of metal spinning machine .

The spinning motor specification : it decides to output the torque which metal spinning is required .

The X axis and Y axis motor : it decides the spinning roller to offer spinning force .

The X axis and Y axis displace ,spindle specification : it decides what the largest dimension can be spun .

the weigh of the cating machine bed or metal spinning machine : it decides how strong force can be bear by the metal spinning machine .

the running accuracy : it decides the accuracy of metal spinning product .


CNC metal spinning machine classification 

it is can be divided into shear spinning machine and conventional spinning according to the metal forming force ,sheer spinning machine is more expensive as it need stronger spinning force .it is also can be divided into cold spinning and heat spinning according to whether the metal is heated ,heating spinning means that you should heat the metal in the forming process .