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Metal Spinning Application

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lampshade shell metal spinning

Lampshade metal shell is made by hand spinning commonly, it is made by thin sheet without accuracy requirement .lampshade is used to assemble light inside .shell can protect people touch the light directly ,the heat dispersion is good when use the metal to make the shell ,metal spinning can make different shape for the shell ,it looks beautifully when you put it in different scene .


fan metal spinning

Fan is used in the factory ,tunnel and mine which need to improve the air circulation .the air collecter ,guide ring are large spinning parts ,it is hard to make if it is made without mold ,now Chinese fan suppliers and manufacturer can make the fan parts without spinning mold inside ,it saves mold cost to research and development , it also saves the labor cost compare to make by traditional rolling and welding .metal spinning is a essential process in fan industry .

Container and bottle

container metal spinning

Neck spinning is used in milk bucket and vacuum cup, the advantage of metal spinning is more obvious in reducing diameter forming than stamping and pressing can't form. necking spinning need a special customized machine and fixturing to improve the production efficiency .necking spinning can process more complex shape and make the product with the perfer curve as design .

Hotel crafting

hotel crafting metal spinning

We can see many hotel products are made by metal spinning ,such as stainless steel vase ,kitchen ware ,ice bucket .these are made by SUS304, it is hard to spin SUS304 as the ductility of the material is not good ,SUS304 has a good visual effect after mirror polishing , it commonly use metal spinning and pressing to form the shape ,pressing can improve the production efficiency ,but spinning can improve the strength and forming complex sharpe.


tableware metal spinning

Metal spinning is applied by metal tableware in the early, it is used to make bowl ,bottle ,cup and so on .stainless steel 304 is healthy to touch food for people .except metal spinning is used in metal tableware ,pressing is another important processing way to make cheaper tableware ,there is a famous town called Caitang in China to manufacture it in metal tableware industry,the tableware are cheap and selled all the world .

Table base

table base metal spinning

Base is a common part used in table ,desk lamp and safa,most of base is hard to form by pressing ,metal spinning use less mold cost to spin form the base ,it is easier to develop and research new shape what you want as the metal spinning has shorter mold period .so many of base are made by metal spinning in the marketing .

Compare to thetraditional metal spinning company ,Dinnovation have worked for CNC metal spinning 10 years ,we have the advantage to customize the product as the customer require .we can offer the perfect plan and suggestion to our customer according to our experience .

Dinnovation metal spinning supplies


venturi big tube metal spinning

Venturi is used to control negative pressure of the biological product factory .it is spun by a big welding tube ,Venturi shell is special metal parts that the curve precision effect the gas flow direction , how to control the precision is important ,the first kind use the tube to spinning ,you should have mold in the tube that can control the accuracy  ,the accuracy of original tube affect the curve precision as well ,the second venturi use the sheet to spinning ,the material rebound effect the precision ,you can adjust the mold size to overcome the effect of material rebound .

Automatic frying bowl

automatic frying bowl metal spinning

Automatic frying bowl is used in a automatic kitchen equipment that can Fry different Chinese food ,it is made by thick 3.5mm stainless steel ,it need to control the assemble accuracy of cycle runout .

we supply many kinds of bowl for many machine company .

Dinnovation supply many parts which is large and thick ,it is need to be assembled in the machine ,we control the quality for our customer .