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CNC Metal Spinning & Forming


What is CNC Metal Spinning?

Metal Spinning, or Spin Forming is the process of moving a spinning roller over a metal blank. The metal spinning process starts with a sheet metal blank that rotates on a lathe. The metal disc is pressed against a tool (called a mandrel or a chuck) with a tailstock. The metal disc, tailstock and tool rotate in a circular motion and a roller manipulated with CNC controls presses against the metal to form the metal over the tool through a series of passes by the roller. The resulting part is a piece that duplicates the exterior portion of the tool it was formed on.

The basic shapes in metal spinning are cones, flanged covers, hemispheres, cylindrical shells, venturis and parabolic nose shapes. Metal Spinning is an ideal process when tooling costs are to be minimized and part volume is low enough the unit cost is not going to offset the savings from tooling. In some instances, metal spinning is the preferred method due to complicated part geometry. DIN utilizes CNC technology to develop programs for your part which allows programs to repeat with precision, piece after piece.

The manufacturing strength of DIN lies in the effective utilisation of CNC metal spinning tools. We have a great number of cutting edge CNC machines, allowing us to deliver premium-quality metal products and meet large quantities of requests at highly competitive prices.

CNC Metal Spinning Lathes

CNC (Computer Numerical Control) spinning lathes are the foremost innovation to the metal spinning industry. While the use of manual spinning lathes and techniques will always be very important to our industry, the advantages of CNC spinning machines are incredible. The programmability of CNC spinning lathes gives us quick and accurate repeatability. This constant replication allows for better finishes, tighter tolerances and most importantly – faster cycles for metal forming.

  • Faster Production
  • Identical Parts
  • Top of the Line CNC Lathes
  • Lower Cost
  • Better Finish
  • Short Lead Times
  • Larger size
  • Low-cost tooling

  • Flow Forming Services

    DIN’s skill with CNC flow forming allows us to increase our production rates which in turn helps our customers become more competitive in their industry. Contact us today for CNC metal forming services!

    CNC Metal Spinning Video

    You can watch the CNC spinning process videos of our company in YouTube.

    CNC metal spinning tools substantially decrease our production costs, hence the price you have to pay for your bulk order is at the lowest. Our goal is to give you the competitive edge in our own industry. We can do this by helping you reduce your overheads and improve your ROI. The pricing of Winward Engineering Ltd is unmatched by any of our competitors, giving you an opportunity to get high-quality metal products at rates you cannot find elsewhere.

    CNC Spinning Materials

    Our CNC spinning services include the following materials:

  • Stainless Steel
  • Aluminum
  • Carbon
  • Steel
  • Nickle Alloys
  • Brass & Copper
  • Precious Metals
  • Titanium
  • Other materials

  • CNC Metal Spinning is the latest technology available in the spinning industry. Computer controlled spinning enhances the consistency of each piece, providing an ultra-smooth surface finish. DIN Company has the skilled technicians to keep this sophisticated piece of machinery running smoothly, getting your job completed with accuracy and speed.
    Most of our customers use our CNC Metal Spinning capabilities because it is quick and inexpensive to carry out other operations such as beading, profiling, trimming and turning in the same production cycle with one setup.

    CNC Spinning Technical Advantages

    ● CNC spinning machine and mold design
    ● CNC spinning debugging over 1000 kinds of metal spinning shelll
    ● 3D laser cutting and turning fixturing

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