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Address:Qifeng industrial park, Nankeng village, Qishi Town, Dongguan City, China

Our goal

To offer the perfect metal spinning solutions to our customer .

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Trade : we serve many customer from different country

Factory : we make different metal spinning products in our factory .


The complete solutions

Metal spinning ( forming shell )

3D laser cutting ( make holes )

Polishing and brushed ( finished )

Powder coating and paint ( surface treatment )

CNC turning and milling ( metal parts )

Welding ( assemble )


The road

Before 2017:we learn and improve the metal spinning technology

2017:we designed and assembled two metal spinning by ourselves

2018:we use 5-axis laser cutting machine to make holes on metal spinning shell instead of stamping

2019: we apply the 5-axis welding in metal spinning shell .

2020:we designed and assembled large brushed and polishing machine by ourselves .


In order to offer the metal spinning shell of high quality

1. All the key manufacturing step are made in Dinnovation factory .

2. We keep most of suppliers near Dinnovation within 5 kilometers

3. We just do metal spinning shell ,we just do metal spinning shell that we are good at .