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Address:Qifeng industrial park , Nankeng village ,Qishi Town,Dongguan City,China


Dinnovation metal spinning factory

Dinnovation is located in China .We have 8 spinning machines  and 12 technicians .Factory building covers an area of 12000 square meters .We works for metal spinning over 8 years , to make different metal shell for our customers.

Dinnovation focus on metal spinning with the spirit of innovation to improve technique and the efficiency, with the principle of the quality number one to cooperate with customer ,we have scientific management system and strict attitude to control the quality of the products, striving to make more high quality metal spinning products for customers.

Our team - Focus on metal spinning

Dinnovation team work

2012-2015:We worked in an  famous cnc spinning machine company in China .

2015-2017:We begin to make  metal spinning shell for different country.

2017-2018:Dinnovation is builded , we designed and made 6 cnc spinning machines

2018-2020 : 3D laser cutting and welding machine are applied to process the shell in Dinnovation .we have the Complete manufacturing solutions for shell .

Our advantage -- Metal spinning solutions

metal spinning solutions

 Metal forming -- We choose metal spinning

 Metal spinning is less mold cost and shorter mold period than pressing and stamping .

 Processing holes -- We choose 3D laser cutting

 3D laser cutting doesn't need mold and make sample quickly ,but stamping needs mold to process the holes .

 Welding --We choose 3D laser welding + hand welding 

 Hand welding makes samples quickly .3D laser welding has good quantity in the production .

 Polishing -- We use special polishing machine according to the sharp of  metal spinning shell .hand polishing can't hold it when the shell is big  .

Which metal spinning products are we good at 

which metal spinning products we are good at

Large diameter ­­  Biggest diameter sheet metal spinning shell  is over 1.3mm ,Length is about 0.8mm .

Big tube spinning ­­ The length of vase we make tube spinning is over 0.6mm. Tube thickness of SUS304 is over 3­mm .

Good accuracy ­­  The accuracy of diameter and thickness of     liner is 0.02mm . We design and make the testing tool 

Thick sheet  We spin AL that the thickness is over 6mm, the thickness of SUS304 is 4mm ,the thickness steel is 5mm.

Core metal spinning category

 Fireplace / Firebowl                    Big  metal vase/ Bottle           ●Automobile parts

 Milk bucket / Container               Hotel crafting                         ●Hopper /Funnel

The different industries We have been done

the metal spinning product we have been done

Shock absorber shell    Three-way catalyst    Silencer   Vase    Bowl     Hotel crafting    Military parts  Signal cover   Liner   

Fan inlet    Milk Bucket     Radome   Milk bucket   Container   Automobile parts  Stainless steel tableware   Funnel/Hopper  

Lampshade  Venturi / Venturition   Fireplace   Firebowl

We learn different metal spinning technique When we worked in an Chinese CNC spinning machine company. We are good at how to design the metal spinning mold and tube fixturing , how to Debug spinning routine by CNC program .We have mature techniques compare to another metal spinning manufacturer.

Metal spinning exhibition room 

Dinnovation metal spinning part exhibition room

The yearly output of  metal spinning parts of Dinnovation

the yearly output of Dinnovation

The majority of our international customers is in American , German ,Israel, France . We offer the big hotel crafting to America ,we offer precision parts to German and Israel , to make metal vase to France  .All the shells are made by metal spinning and tube spinning.

Dinnovation office --metal spinning shell in the Corner

Dinnovation office environment