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Types of Tools Used for Metal Spinning

   05 Jul,2022

Types of Tools Used for Metal Spinning

There are three broad categories of metal spinning tools:

  • Internal Tooling: Material is formed over the mandrel.
  • External tooling: material is formed inside of a hollow mandrel.
  • Collapsible: Shapes parts with variable diameters through the use of a removable center core.

In general, spinning tools are composed of either steel, plastic, or wood. The following types of machinery play vital roles in the metal spinning process:

Lathe Bed

This lathe bed is the base of the machinery. It supports all other components during machining.


This forming die gives the blank its final shape. The operator will stretch the blank over the mandrel as it spins, ensuring a smooth final part.


The roller provides the force that shapes the workpiece over the mandrel as it spins. This tool maintains a controlled contact to ensure the final component has a uniform wall thickness. It can be operated manually, but requires a high level of skill and is often automated instead.


Serving as a base for the mandrel, the spindle rotates the mandrel as it forms the final part. The primary spindle is located on the headstock, with an additional spindle located on the tailstock.


This frame controls the RPM of the machinery, supporting the spindle and mandrel throughout the process. 


Located at the opposite end of the machinery, the tailstock provides the pressure that clamps the metal blank in place during forming.


Attached to the tailstock, this pressure pad clamps the workpiece in place as the tailstock provides pressure. The base of the final component will correspond with the size of the follower.

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