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How does Metal Spinning Work?

   22 Oct,2021

Definition and Description of Metal Spinning

Metal spinning is a metal forming process that can make metal into rotating bodies of different shapes. It includes CNC spinning and hand spinning. Spinning molds and fixtures provide clamping force to drive the sheet or tube to rotate. When the spinning roller touches the rotating body. The sheet is plastically deformed from point to line in accordance with the spinning track.

metal spinning work

Instructions for Use of Metal Spinning Machine

The metal spinning machine generally includes these main components as shown in the figure below. The structure of the CNC spinning machine is very familiar with the lathe, and the parts tools and tailstock are different from the CNC lathe. Manual spinning machine is easier than CNC machine. Therefore, we only introduce the basic functions of each part of the CNC spinning machine, so that you can easily understand the working principle of the metal spinning machine.

CNC Spinning Machine

(1) The processing function of CNC Metal Spinning

The first step: the air cylinder provides the force that makes the mold 1 (spindle mold) clamp the plate on the mold 2 (clamping mold).

The second step: the main shaft is connected to the mold 2, the main shaft can drive the mold 1 to rotate, and the mold 2 and the mold 1 rotate together as the friction provided by the air cylinder. If the friction is not enough, the sheet will move relative to the mold, and you can adjust the hydraulic pressure to provide greater force.

The third step: the spinning roller moves according to the spinning track controlled by the numerical control system, spinning forming, and finishing the product.

Step 4: After the spindle exits the spinning, the cylinder moves back, and the spinning part can be taken out of the mold.

(2) The Functions of Different CNC Machine Parts

The main shaft provides the spinning force, the oil cylinder provides the clamping force, the hydraulic station controls the hydraulic pressure, and the guide rail controls the spinning roller table.

What types of Metals are Used for Metal Spinning

Aluminum, titanium, steel, stainless steel, brass, and copper are blank materials. We generally use metal plates and tubes. We introduce the characteristics of metal materials on this page. You can learn about the spinning characteristics of different metals. Now we introduce the manufacturing method of metal spinning materials.

(1) Manufacturing Method of Sheet Spinning Material

There are two metal plate specifications, one is 2440mm*1220mm and the other is 2000mm*1000mm. There are plates with different thicknesses. If you order more plates, you can customize the coil.

Metal spinning requires wafer processing, and cut the wafers after buying rolls or sheets. If there are a lot of wafers to be processed, you can buy a roll and cut the circle with punching; if you have a few numbers, you can buy a plate and use laser cutting.

(2) Manufacturing Method of Tube Spinning Material

You can choose different sizes of tubes for spinning, but the tube wall is too thin and the diameter of the tube is not accurate, which will affect the spinning and clamping in the mold. It can be cut by laser cutting or turning.

Which Products are Made by Metal Spinning

Metal spinning can produce metal products with complex shapes, high precision, and wall thickness compared to other metal forming processes. But it can only form a rotating body product. Metal spinning can produce 6mm aluminum, 4mm steel, and 3mm stainless steel. Pure spinning can make thicker walls.

Because metal spinning products have good strength, metal spinning parts are usually used in the automotive and military industries.

Since metal spinning can process complex shapes, metal tableware and lampshades are also made of metal spinning.

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