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Factory Management


Factory management: the management and use of metal spinning equipment and tools.

CNC Spinning Mold

CNC metal spinning company need to make mold accord to customer's drawing, when the factory have many mold, it is easy to make mistake and take the wrong mold, you can use to welding sheet to bear and put the mold and paste the label, it is convenient to identify and take. it can improve the work efficiency. if you don't manage the CNC spinning mold, it takes a lot time to find mold and make mistake easily.
Classification ways: according to the customer or metal spinning type (industry ), such as you can put all the funnel mold together.

CNC Spinning Roller

Metal spinning need different spinning radius of the metal spinning roller, you can aslo put it on the sheet like the spinning mold, then you can classify these according to different radius,  common radius have R2, R4,R6, R8, R10, R12, R14, R16(4 means the radius is 4mm).
CNC spinning roller need to assemble the bearings inside, the circle run-out accuracy request to control within 0.02mm,you can tie up it after you assemble to prevent it the bearing fall out. you can see the picture in the following.
The surface of the CNC spinning roller will wore out if you use to spin stainless steel, you can put these together in the sheet, it can be repaired by CNC turning.

Parting Tool

Parting tool used to turn the edge of the metal spinning shell, different metal needs different parting tool to turning.

Pressing Mold

Pressing mold is a common part that press the sheet on the spindle mold, we classify the mold according to the different diameter.

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