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We evaluate and analysis the metal spinning products according to the CAD drawings and UG files, if it is required the special metal spinning machine to improve the quality and efficiency, we have the ability to design and custom the CNC spinning machine.

Metal Spinning Machine & Design

We have six CNC metal spinning machines in total in Dinnovation. In addition, we design four metal spinning machines to suit different types of metal spinning products, to built the advantages in difference industry by improving the quality and efficiency. 

Metal Spinning Machine Equipment (no all)

1200mm Spinning Equipment Parameter

Metal sheet diameter: 0-1200mm; Max thickness:  Aluminum 8mm, Steel 5mm, Stainless steel 3mm
Spindle motor powder: 22KW;
The pressure of tail oil cylinder: 50KN>
X-axis distance: 800mm;
Z-axis distance: 1200mm;
Spinning roller and turning tool position: 6;
Spindle speed: 1000rpm
Advantages: no spinning mold in fan industry and shear spinning.
This machine has stronger spinning force to form thicker and larger spun products, we use it to make fireplace, firebowl bowl, larger fan part and funnel, specially to spin the fan parts without mold, it saves the mold cost in the fan industry. 

700mm Spinning Equipment Parameter

Metal sheet diameter: 0-700mm;
Max thickness: Aluminum 6mm, Steel 4mm, Stainless steel 3mm;
Spindle motor powder: 18KW;
The pressure of tail oil cylinder: 50KN;
X-axis distance: 700mm;
Z-axis distance: 800mm;
Spinning roller and turning tool position: 6;
Max spindle speed: 2000rpm
Advantages: High precision metal spinning and stainless steel spinning.
This machine works with better accuracy, it is stable to spin form the stainless steel. stainless steel is broken easily if the machine doesn't have good precision.

400mm Spinning Equipment Parameter

Metal sheet diameter: 0-400mm;
Max thickness: Aluminum 3mm, Steel 2mm, Stainless steel 1.5mm;
Spindle motor powder: 10KW;
The pressure of tail oil cylinder: 30KN;
X-axis distance: 400mm;
Z-axis distance: 400mm;
Spinning roller and turning tool position: 6;
Max spindle speed: 3000 rpm
Advantages: High production efficiency metal spinning.
This machine works fastly than the other machine, but the spinning force is less than 800 CNC spinning machine, it can spin the thin sheet quickly.

Metal Spinning Machine Design

CNC Machine UG Design

we can design and custom CNC spinning machine according to the drawing.

CNC Machine Assembly

Dinnovation assemble the CNC spinning machines in our factory when it is established. Now Dinnovation cooperate with OKay CNC machine in China, it is a famous CNC metal spinning machine manufacturer in China. Okay will offer the advanced machine to Dinnovation.

Tube Spinning Fixturing UG Design

Three kinds of fixturings to make tube spinning.

● Air fixturing­­ it can spin the thinner tube as the clamping force is not strong. but it works fastly and has a good production efficiency. it is used by little tube spinning;
● Hydraulic fixturing ­­it has stronger clamping force, so it can spin thicker tube. but it works slowly, it is used by big tube spinning which diameter is over 200mm;
● Special fixturing we will design the special fixturing according to the shape.

5-Axis Laser Cutting

● 2, 3D laser cutting machine: it can process the holes one time, it doesn't need mold, adjusting sample quickly;
● Cutting capacity: diameter and height is about 2 meter, stainless steel 3mm, aluminum 2mm, steel 4mm;
● Cutting position: body, flange, bottom, edge.

Welding Method

● 1, 3D laser welding machine and 1 hand laser welding machine: it is shorter welding time and better welding line to polish;
● 1 hand argon arc welding to make sample.

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