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Dinnovation Co. - Your Best Metal Spinning Supplier

Established in 2017, Dinnovation Co. (Dinnovation Metal Spinning), has grown to become one of the China's leading manufacturers of precision metal spinnings and spun metal products. We have worked metal spinning for 10 years, offering metal spinning shell over 1000 kinds every years, serve different industries to all the world.

Dinnovation Company Spinning Capability

We specialize in providing the highest quality hand and CNC metal spinning products for a wide range of industries including the aerospace, medical, commercial and semi-conductor industries. Our capabilities include:

  • Maximum diameter of 120" depending on part configuration
  • Thicknesses of .010" to .250"
  • Tolerances can be held under .005"

  • We have extensive internal engineering capabilities which allows us to provide our customers with unparalleled engineering and technical support. We enjoy the product development process and look forward to working with our customers from design concept, through the various stages of prototyping and on into either hand spinning or CNC metal spinning production.

    We have extensive experience working with a wide range of materials including aluminum and aluminum alloys, stainless steel and stainless steel alloys, nickel and nickel alloys, titanium, brass, copper and other materials.

    In addition to providing high quality products, DIN Company offers a complete range of support services including CNC machining, welding (MIG, TIG, plasma), aluminum heat treating and a complete range of finishing options.

    DIN Company will be responsive to your company's products needs. Quotations for spun metal products are returned promptly. Quality spun metal products, from the raw to ready to install stages, are provided on time as promised.

    DIN will meet or exceed your spun metal product requirements. We look forward to having the opportunity to demonstrate our commitment to quality and service. Please contact us for all of your metal spinning needs.

    Company Philosophy

    Dinnovation focus on spinning with the spirit of innovation to improve technique and the efficiency, with the principle of the quality number one to cooperate with customer, we have scientific management system and strict attitude to control the quality of the products, striving to make more high quality spinning products for customers.
    We have CNC turning, polishing, welding, laser cutting to finished all the parts used in metal spinning, to settle the problems of the complex shell, we keep welding, assembling and polishing are made in our factory to reduce the transportation and control the quality.

    Spinning Technical Team

    2012-2015: We worked in an famous cnc spinning machine company in China.
    2015-2017: We begin to make spinning shell for different country.
    2017-2018: Dinnovation team is builded, we designed and made 6 cnc spinning machines.
    2018-2020: 3D laser cutting and welding machine are applied to process the shell in Dinnovation. we have the Complete manufacturing solutions for shell.

    What Are We Good At

    Large Diameter: Biggest diameter sheet metal spinning shell is over 1500mm, Length is about 800mm. 
    Big Tube Spinning: The length of vase we make tube spinning is over 0.6mm. Tube thickness of SUS304 is over 3­mm.
    Good Accuracy: The accuracy of diameter and thickness of liner is 0.02mm.  We design and make the testing tool 
    Thick Sheet: We spin AL that the thickness is over 6mm, the thickness of SUS304 is 4mm, the thickness steel is 5mm.

    Metal Spinning Annual Output

    Hopper / Funnel Milk Bucket / Milk Container Venturi / Venturition Signal Cover
    material: stainless steel 304 material: aluminum 1060 material: tainless stell 304 material: aluminum 3003
    quantity: 10000 pieces / year quantity: 25000 pieces / year
    quantity: 1000 pieces / year
    quantity: 10000 pieces / year
    customer: Canada, German customer: America, Cuba
    customer: America, Denmark
    customer: China

    The majority of our international customers is in American,  German, Israel, France.  We offer the big hotel crafting to America, we offer precision parts to German and Israel,  to make metal vase to France. All the shells are made by spinning and tube spinning.

    Dinnovation Office Environment

    Company Exhibition Room

    Company Address: Qifeng Industrial Park, Nankeng Village, Qishi Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, China.

    Contact Us

    Tel: +86-18676089828
    Skype: +8613268660516
    Address: Qifeng Industrial Park, Nankeng Village, Qishi Town, Dongguan City, China.

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