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Dinnovation Co.  (China) is a factory specializing in metal spinning, with 8 CNC spinning machines and 12 technicians, and can customize more than 150 metal spinning products for different industries. To offer the perfect metal spinning solutions to our customer. Factory building covers an area of 1200 square meters. We have worked for spinning over 10 years, to make ove 150 kinds of spinning products every years for different industry, such as fireplace, automobile fittings, hotel and outdoor shell, stainless steel funnel, we offer the perfect spinning solutions to our customer, supplies the spinning products with the high quality and accuracy.

Metal Spinning Factory

Metal Spinning Factory Location

Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, China. [523507]

Metal Spinning Factory Video

Factory Business

  • Metal spinning (forming shell)
  • 3D laser cutting (make holes)
  • Polishing and brushed (finished)
  • Powder coating and paint (surface treatment)
  • CNC turning and milling (metal parts)
  • Welding (assemble)

  • Factory Development Path

    Before 2017: We learn and improve the metal spinning technology;
    2017: We designed and assembled two metal spinning by ourselves;
    2018: We use 5-axis laser cutting machine to make holes on metal spinning shell instead of stamping;
    2019: We apply the 5-axis welding in metal spinning shell;
    2020: We designed and assembled large brushed and polishing machine by ourselves;

    Factory Advantage

    1. All the key manufacturing step are made in Dinnovation factory.
    2. We keep most of suppliers near Dinnovation within 5 kilometers.
    3. We just do metal spinning shell, we just do metal spinning shell that we are good at.

    Our Process

    We use advanced metal spinning process.
    1. Metal Forming
    We choose metal spinning. Metal spinning is less mold cost and shorter mold period than pressing and stamping.
    2. Processing Holes
    We choose 3D laser cutting. 3D laser cutting doesn't need mold and make sample quickly, but stamping needs mold to process the holes.
    3. Welding
    We choose 3D laser welding + hand welding.
    Hand welding makes samples quickly. 3D laser welding has good quantity in the production.
    4. Polishing
    We use special polishing machine according to the sharp of spinning shell. hand polishing can't hold it when the shell is big.

    Contact Us

    Tel: +86-18676089828
    Skype: +8613268660516
    Address: Qifeng Industrial Park, Nankeng Village, Qishi Town, Dongguan City, China.

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