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Dinnovation offers a comprehensive metal spinning services, Our capabilities include both CNC processes and manual spinning, which allows us to fulfill small or large production orders quickly and accurately. We have an extensive library of standard tooling as well as the ability to build custom tooling, which makes it a very cost effective approach to improving the manufacturability of axially symmetric parts that require extreme precision.

Using metal spinning, we manufacture parts that exhibit a high degree of structural integrity. Spun metal parts have no seams, enabling them to tolerate high pressure, and the spinning process itself realigns the grain structure of the metal to improve tensile strength. The enhanced metallurgical properties allow the use of lighter gauge metals to achieve the desired strength characteristics, which saves on material cost. It also results in high-quality finishes that reduce the need for secondary operations.

With our programmable equipment, we spin parts up to 26.0” in diameter from aluminum measuring up to .250” in thickness, cold rolled steel up to 0.164”, and stainless steel as thick as .125”. We offer fast production rates and a high degree of accuracy and repeatability. Our manual lathes feature 42.0” diameter capacity, handle slightly thinner gauges, and we use them to produce unique or one-of-a-kind items, such as quick-turn prototypes or custom retail fixtures.

We manufacture parts for a variety of purposes, from automotive applications to medical equipment. We have the capacity to achieve tolerances as close as ±0.005” for specialty applications that require extreme precision. Our CNC spinning capabilities are supported by our machining, fabrication, and finishing departments, making the use of our CNC spinning virtually limitless. 

Service Capability

Dinnovation, located in Guangdong, China. We have 8 CNC metal rotary lathes, which can provide more than 150 kinds of spinning processing services.


Dinnovation’s extensive knowledge of metal spinning allows us to provide superior parts from the following metal forming & spinning materials:

Aluminum spinning
Stainless steel spinning
Galvanized steel ingot
Special alloy spinning
Copper spinning

Shorter Lead Times

Dinnovation’s quick lead times and fast CNC spinnings support lean manufacturing programs, even in high volume situations. 

Services Feature

Stainless Steel
Various Alloys of Steel

Aircraft Parts
Industrial Application
Components for Blower
Evaporative Fan Cones
Pots and Pans
Fabrication Method

Additional Services Provided
Bench Engineering
Powder Coating

Minimum Production Volume
1 units

Maximum Production Volume
1000 Plus units

Production Volume
High Volume
Low Volume
Large Run
Large Scale Production Volume Run
Small Run
Long Run
Specialty Production Shop
Maximum Metal Thickness
0.125 in. - Aluminum

12 gauge CRS

16 gauge Stainless Steel

Maximum Part Diameter
36 in. for finish shapes

84 in. for blank size

Tolerance (±)
Generally 0.030 in

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