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How Dinnovation check the accuracy of metal spinning parts

The accuracy of the curve - we use the mold like the image, when we put the shell in the mold, you can see the gap abviously.
The accuracy of the thickness - we design a special tool, we we turn the shell, we can see the the number in the tool.
The accuracy of the diameter - we can't measure the diameter by caliper as the shell is soft. we check it by Go-No-Go mold.

The ways we check the accuracy of the size

We often use Go-No Go Gages to checking the accuracy of the metal spinning products. It is easy to be used in the production, we check every unit to control the quality. we also use other checking tool according to the different requirements.

The surface effect of metal spinning what we do

How to control the quality in the metal spinning production

The temperature effect accuracy and spinning line: the Spinning is cold work, it will rise the temperature of the roller and mold in the production, the size of roller and mold will increase a little as the expansion and contraction. so the gap between roller and mold will reduce, the gap effect metal forming result. so we need to control the temperature of the mold an roller, drawing oil is usually used to cool. another way is to use the industrial fan blow the mold and make it accelerated cooling. if the temperature is stable, the accuracy and spinning line effect is good as you original debugging.

The abrasion of spinning roller effects the spinning surface: the abrasion of spinning roller is obvious in stainless steel spinning, then the spun parts will have scratchs. so we need to polishing the spinning roller if we use it for a long time

The standard  we check the quality of spun parts

The first production, we will check the accuracy and spinning surface for every pieces within 100 pieces of production, if we can control the quality, we choose 10 pieces sampling inspection once. After multiple production, we will check 5 pieces sampling inspection once.

The spinning roller accuracy checking and respair

Spinning roller is a important tool to form metal sheet, when we use every roller over one months, we will check the accuracy of the cycle run-out  and the finish. if the finish is below the required, we will polish it again, if the accuracy of the cycle run-out is below the required, we will turn the surface again.

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