Dinnovation metal spinning services includes prototyping, design suggestion ,quotation ,you can view the metal spinning video to know more advantages of services .we can supply metal spun products according to your requirements on time .

Our services >>

Our services

● Prototyping

To ensure a successful design ,we offer the deep drawing and metal spinning prototyping services , our engineer will use CAD or  UG technology to design and send it to customer . 

● Design suggestion 

We can give you some suggestion when we get your drawing ,we can analysis structure ,strength and more details of your product, then give you a honest suggestion of design adjustment .

● Request a quote

Our quotation includes lead time , manufacturing step, mold cost and unit price ,it's a good reference standard.

We supply >>

● Metal spinning  :  Less mold cost and less sample period .

● Deep drawing : Less unit price and less lead time .

● 5 Axis laser cutting : It can machining holes and curve without mold .

● 5 Axis laser welding : Perfect welding appearance .

● Rolling and flanging : Good choice for metal sheat without welding .

● Othere machining : CNC milling ,turning ,bending .

Lead time

Size Aluminum and steel  Stainless steel 
Diameter <300mm 12 days 15 days
Diameter <500mm 20 days 25 days
Diameter <700mm 30 days 25 days
Diameter <900mm 40 days 45 days
Diameter >900mm we will review you according to the drawing

CNC metal spinning video

You can view more metal spinning videos> in our YouTube homepage 

A letter to customers

We focus on metal spinning .

It is a long road to learn metal spinning and improve our technique .I believe  it is an good beginning when we start the first cooperation .We are not far away from each other as metal spinning ,every image in this website is our steps that Dinnovation has served customers .we will be more sel-confident as the difficulty that we have met in metal spinning manufacturing .

We insist the quality of metal spinning is number one ,it is our honor to offer the perfect metal spinning shells to our customers .metal spinning is our languages to describe Dinnovation's hard work .We hope customer check our product with happiness and surprise .We can build best trusting bridge with our customer by metal spinning .

We insist it ,you will witness it .

At last ,thank you for choosing Dinnovation as the metal spinning supplier .

Best regards !