Metal spinning, also known as spin forming, metal forming or metal turning is a cold work metal forming process which forms metals into axially symmetric parts. The process begins with flat sheet metal cut into a disk and is then formed over a rotating mandrel into a round shape. Popular round shapes that are constructed from metal spinning include conical, parabolic, toroidal and more. This process can be performed by manually by hand or by a CNC lathe, and is a cost-effective alternative to low volume or short run metal stamping. Forming parameters and part geometry can be altered quickly, at less cost than other metal forming techniques.

Our Company


metal spinning company

Dinnovation metal spinning comopany is located in China, Specialising in CNC spinning. We have done the high accuracy and thicker sheet spinning parts in the market. The company factory building covers an area of about 2000 square meters. We have ten years experience in metal forming, supplying spinning products of high quality for the numerous companies. Our unparalleled level of automation and our deep dedication to quality support our proud tradition of outstanding customer service. Dinnovation produces metal spinnings for Lighting Reflectors, Heat Lamp Reflectors, Trim Rings, Light fixture Bowls, Lighting Rings, Chalice and Goblets, Chandeliers, Bases, Hemispheres, Domes, Diffusers, Canopies, Flanges, Pie Pans, Lamp Shades, Cones, Electrical Housings, Bezels, Bowls, Tank heads, Agriculture wheel hubs etc.

Factory Competitiveness


  • Global Service

    Provide professional spinning processing services to the world.
  • Shorter Lead Times

    In the case of large-scale production and short delivery cycle, our products still strive for excellence.
  • Lower Prices

    Because our factory has unique advantages, the price is lower.
  • Experience

    We have many customers and we have accumulated a lot of experience.

Metal Spun Products


Professional Metal Spinning Supplier


Dinnovation Metal Spinning Supplier offer a wide variety of unique services and capabilities that allow us to produce the highest caliber of custom spinning products. Our process includes CNC metal spinning and manual. Our spinning materials include stainless steel, iron, aluminum, copper and other alloys.

We can spin virtually any conical or concentric shape to meet your project's specifications and requirements. In addition to servicing a wide mix of industries, Dinnovation’s production is flexible enough to accommodate varying batch and order sizes. Our customized service is of good quality and fast delivery.

Why Choose Us


  • Structure Analysis & Suggestion

    We are familiar with different metal property and know the key factor effect the strength of thin-wall metal part, so we will suggest my customer about the reasonable thickness and shape after we know the application or function.
  • Experience & Ability

    We are focous on metal spinning 10 years, manufacturing spun products over 1000 types, the application over 20 kinds of industies. the mature technology make us serve our customer higher efficiency and more reasonable.
  • Design & Research

    We designed and assembled 4 CNC spinning machine by ourselves, to settle the special and difficult problems of the spun parts. we also need to design the 5-axis laser cutting fixturing and tube spinning fixturing by ourselves.
    The software we used: UG, CAD.
  • Unit Price & Quality

    We have our factory, we have 6 CNC spinning machines and 1 polishing and brused machine. CNC milling and turning, powder coating and painting suppliers is 1 kilometer away from us, Less transportation cost and management cost.

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Address: Qifeng Industrial Park, Nankeng Village, Qishi Town, Dongguan City, China.

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