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Dinnovation is located in China, Specialising in CNC metal spinning . We have done the high accuracy and thicker sheet spinning parts in the market,the industry of metal spinning includes automobile ,hotel and military fields .The company factory building covers an area of about 2000 square meters .We have seven years experience in metal forming ,supplying spinning products of high quality for the numerous companies. Dinnovation focus on metal spinning with the spirit of innovation to improve technique and the efficiency, with the principle of the quality number one to cooperate with customer ,we have scientific management system and strict attitude to control the quality of the products, striving to make more high quality metal spinning products for customers. see more >>
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Metal spinning -- also referred to as spin forming-- is a metalworking procedure by which high performance, axially symmetric components are made. Unlike other metal forming processes that reduce and eliminate material to generate a desirable shapmetale, metal spinning transforms a metallic disk or tubing by rotating the disk or tubing and forming it into a mandrel, hammering it onto a horizontal or vertical lathe, and generating a more conical, toroidal, or other curved form. The procedure can be achieved either cold or hot, depending on the specific substance to be deciphered.


The metal spinning process is reached through automatic CNC spinning or manual hand spinning. The most acceptable metal spinning kind is chosen with consideration to the production quantity and the essential intricacy of consequent parts.


Benefits of Steel Spinning

Steel spinning provides a Assortment of benefits to people Searching for a very flexible, compact process, such as:


Shorter Lead Times

The metal spinning procedure amounts to substantially shorter turnaround times -- gears and summoned components could be available within weeks instead of months.


Lower Prices

when compared with the tools utilized in other forming procedures, metal spinning tools are generally 10 percent of the price tag.


Maximum Design Flexibility

Steel spinning tools could be easily and quickly changed to adapt evolving product layouts, allowing flexibility when it is needed most.

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Compatible Metals

Steel spinning is compatible with a large assortment of metals which every yield a special set of benefits. The planned application and job demands influence fabric selection. A number of typical metal spinning substances comprise:


Carbon Steel

Carbon steel is a highly common selection for rigid components, and it's not difficult to coat and paint. It doesn't have a minimal requirement for nickel, chromium, titanium, tungsten, molybdenum, and other components. Steel spinning carbon steel ends in powerful, uniform, and cost-effective products which are also completely recyclable.


Stainless Steel

The corrosion- and - heat-resistant possessions and outstanding strength-to-weight ratios of stainless steel -- especially the 300 and 400 series -- which makes it among the most frequent substances used in metal spinning, and also an perfect selection for industrial components and equipment, cookware, high-precision tools, decorative components, and much more. Stainless Steel is easy to manufacture and among the most cost-effective metals out there.



Copper, a non-magnetic metal that makes for both strong and aesthetically pleasing metal spun components -- ideal for applications that need performance, attractiveness, or a great balance of both. Furthermore, aluminum has exceptional electrical and thermal conductivity, in addition to natural antifungal properties.



When merchandise weight and prices are main considerations when choosing a substance, the inherent properties of aluminum make it an perfect option. Its unusually low density, malleability, and robust corrosion resistance are applicable within the structure, transport, and aerospace businesses.


Metal Spinning Applications

Metal spinning presents a cheap, versatile Chance for a wide Assortment of industrial and commercial uses, such as:


Musical instruments

Aircraft components

Gas cylinders and pressure vessels

Food service equipment


Architectural and Lighting

Heavy industrial components for oil, con ag, and land vehicles


Metal Spinning Services & Tooling in Dinnovation

Dinnovation generates metal spun parts tailored to the specifications offered by our clientele. We can even accommodate an Assortment of material thicknesses, such as:


Faster turnaround times and reduced prices are just two of the most attractive benefits of metal spinning. The capacity to form quite thick parts and huge diameters using uniformity and higher quality in low and large levels, are far more attractive reasons to contemplate metal spinning.


To learn if metal spinning would be good for your program or finish merchandise, contact us now.