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About us

Metal spinning company

Dinnovation metal spinning factory logo

Dinnovation metal spinning company is located in China ,Factory building covers an area of 1800 square meters .We invest 8 CNC metal spinning machines and other fabrication machines such as rolling ,deep drawing , flanging ,welding ,5 axis laser cutting. There are 16 members in our team ,We continually try and test the different  material and fabrication ways to apply , promoting the development of  metal forming technique. Advanced machines and excellent resources support your phases of  your production needs, We successfully supply the venturi ,funnel ,fireplace /firebowl ,container /tank ,turbine /turbojet , burner nozzle, Combustion chamber, combuster ,signal reflecter ,military and aerospace components in the market, the export value of spun parts are more than 200,000 pieces every year .

Dinnovation focous on CNC metal spinning process over 12 years . Exceptional design and metal spinning forming technology is our confident to serve customer ,we love to face the challenge and difficulty in the different project. We insist metal spinning with the spirit of innovation to improve technique and the production efficiency, with the principle of the quality number one to cooperate with customers .We have scientific management system and strict attitude to control the quality of the products, striving to supply more high-quality and precision metal spinning products to customers.

● Company founded : 2017 

● Member quantity : 16

● Quality controller: 2

● Factory  area : 1800 square meter 

● CNC metal spinning machines quantity : 8

Metal spinning advantage >>

precision aerospace and aircraft metal spun products

● Large diameter :Biggest diameter sheet metal spinning shell is over 1.3mm ,length is about 0.8mm .

● Big tube spinning:The length of tube we make tube spinning is over 0.6mm. tube thickness is over 7mm .

● Good accuracy :We testing the accuracy of diameter and thickness of  liner is 0.02mm  .

● Good surface :We supply polishing ,5 axis laser cutting ,powder coating and oxidation .

Metal spinning >>

Metal spinning is a metal forming process that can make a circular metal sheet deform different shape of revolving body .the spinning mold and clamp provide the clamping force and take the sheet to spin .When the spinning roller touch and press the sheet according to the spinning path, the sheet will produce plastic deformation from the point to the line follow the spinning path .

metal spinning work principle instruction



From 2013,we have spun over 100 kinds of metal so far ,such as copper ,aluminum ,steel ,stainless steel ,titanium and so on .We learn and test the different types of metal material .good ductility and less hardness and tensile strength is easier to spin , So we can choose the right metal to satisfy the metal forming and mechanical requirement .


Conmon blank metal

● Aluminum : 1060 / 1100/3003 / 5052 / 5251 /5083/ 6061

● Steel : SPCC / DC04 / Q235/ Q345  

● Silver : IC-Ag99.99   Copper : C10 100 / T1  

● Stainless steel : 201 / 304 / 316 / 310 


Special blank metal 

● Hardox 400   GH3044   SUS310   SUS630    

● Aluminum 2024/2A12/7075 /5A06  

● Inconel 718   TC4

Sheet spinning

basic sheet metal spinning work principle and fabrication ways

The  blank of sheet metal spinning  is a round sheet , the roller is controlled by CNC program to press and pull the blank sheet to deform different shape . Cone ,cylinder ,sphere ,trumpet, venturi are basic shape can be made by sheet metal spinning . 

Conventional  spinning :  tensile deformation is pulled by roller .

Shear spinning :  shear deformation is pressed by roller and mold .


Tube spinning >>

basic tube metal spinning work principle and fabrication ways

The blank of tube metal spinning is a round tube , neacking ,expand ,rolling flanging and shearing are basic forming technology in tube metal spinning ,shearing and necking are used in the military component such as missile and torpedo shell .It can improve the strength and optimize the structure .

Heating spinning

Heating spinning

Dinnovation research and develop the heating metal spinning technology>> from 2017.

Cold metal spinning is suitable to spin forming the thin and soft metal .
Heating metal spinning can process more special and harder metal and thick sheet and tube. When the thickness is too thick (aluminum 10mm, stainless steel 5mm, steel is 5mm), or the hardness is harder than stainless steel 304, such as SUS630, TC4, Incone ,Aluminum 7075, we choose the heating metal spinning to form the components.
Heating metal spinning applied in Dinnovation :  

● Oxygen bottle

● Combustor

● Aerospace component 

Spun products property

There are several important properties of spun part that is benifit your design and assessment .

● Shape : Metal spinning fabrication ways can satisfied your different design .

● Thickness :  The actual thickness is less than blank thickness after spinning .

● Property :  The strength and hardness will be improved as grain refining .

● Appearance :  Roughness can achieve 0.05-0.15mm .

● Internal stress : It is stronger than other metal forming fabrication .

● Mold cost : 30% of deep drawing mold cost , mold period is shorter .

Application >>

Our metal spun parts applied in different industries is over 200 industries.


Common industries
Shock absorber shell    Three-way catalyst    Silencer   Vase    Bowl     Hotel crafting   automatic-frying-bowl     
Signal cover    Fan inlet    Milk Bucket     Radome   Container   Automobile parts   Air spring  Tank-head  cylinder   Funnel/Hopper   Stainless steel tableware  Lampshade   Venturi / Venturition   Fireplace/Firebowl   Medical 


Advantage industries
Aircraft : Turbine/Turbojet  Combustor  Tailpipe/Burner nozzle/Tail-jet  Fairing
Aeroplane :  Combustion-chamber  Oxygen-tank 
Military parts : Missile   Liner

Our team

We have been worked and insisted CNC metal spinning for over 11 years .

Our team

● 2013 - 2017:We had worked in a famous CNC metal spinning machine company in China .
● 2017 - 2018 : Dinnovation founded, We sel-design and assemble the CNC metal spinning machines.
● 2018 - 2019 : We begin to trade and supply the spun parts to different countries .
● 2020 - 2024 : We design and research special polishing and welding machine applied in spun products .
● After 2024 :   We begin to develop and research the precision components in aircraft and military .  

Market positioning

Precision Medical equipment Aircraft turbojet /turbine Aerospace component 
Appearance  Firebowl / Fireplace Hotel crafting Funnel / Hopper 

Our goal

Our goal

Dinnovation focous on difficult and precision metal spinning ,our continuous efforts and development to improve our metal spinning technique and services ,to supply the metal spinning products of high quality and better accuracy to our customer .

The yearly export

● The major country : America , German , Israel, France, Ireland, Turkey,Japan,Netherlands, Italy,Canada,New Zealand.

● Total export value : 20000 pieces of metal spun products every years .

metal spinning product application and export value

Hopper / funnel 
material : SUS304
quantity :10000 pieces /year
customer :Canada  German

metal spinning product application and export value

Milk bucket
material : AL 1060
quantity :20000 pieces /year
customer :America   Cuba 

metal spinning product application and export value

material : SUS304
quantity :1000 pieces /year
customer :America   Denmark  

metal spinning product application and export value

Signal cover 
material : AL 3003
quantity :10000 pieces /year
customer : China /America

Our supplier

As you know ,Dinnovation is located in Dongguan ,Dongguan is the manufacturing capital of the world ,there are many different supplier to choose ,Dinnovation work and research with our supplier together ,we build good and long  trust  in the project  each other , these supplier are near by Dinnovation wthin 5 kilometer ,so we can deal with the project problem efficiently .it saves the most transportation cost and communicate for our customer .

Our customer