Dinnovation is perfect metal spinning supplier as your choice .Dinnovation have excellent technical abilities and complete metal forming solution to supply the challenging and precision spun parts ,more different machines be invested to promote production efficiency and reduce the sample lead time ,experienced engineering designer and spinners have worked together for 12 years ,standard quality control is our confident to serve our customer .Dinnovation can satisfy every customer from product design to structure analysis ,from fabrication to assemblies, from production to quality control. Dinnovation will be your good partner and answer when you need to custom the metal spun products .

Metal spinning solution


Metal forming(metal spinning /deep drawing)+ Holes(stamping /5-axis laser cutting)+Polishing + Welding (Panasonic)+Rolling + Bending + CNC machining 

Design ability >>


● From 2013 :  We design different metal spinning mold> and metal spinning tool .

● From 2016 : We design our special CNC metal spinning machine used in venturi components .

● From 2017 : We design the different tube fixture applied in the tube metal spinning .

● From 2019 : We begin to design the assemble tool and inspection tool  in the aircraft components .



● There are more than  2000 kinds of metal spun products .

● The fabrication includes metal spinning ,deep drawing ,CNC, stamping ,5-axis laser cutting and welding,CNC milling and turning .



● Tube spinning fixturing : There are two kinds of tube spinning fixture in Dinnovation. Air pressure fixture work fast to clamp the thin tube, hydraulic pressure fixture can hold thick tube with strong force .

● Heating equipment : High - frequency heating is used in stainless steel spinning and steel ,it can make the stainless steel increase the temperature with a few time .

● Propane heating : Propane heating is used to aluminum spun ,it can maintain the temperature in the heating spinning .

Precision industries

Precision industries

● Fairing : It is used to protect the satellite and airplane from harmful environmental effects such as air power, aerodynamic heating and acoustic vibration. It is an important part of the launch vehicle. In terms of missiles, it is the inevitable product of missile multiple warheads.

● Tail jet/ Nozzle>> : It can control the direction of discharge air flow and change the direction of thrust that applied in airplane turbine.

● Combustion chamber>> : It is a device in which the fuel or propellant is burned to produce high temperature gas, and is a combustion equipment made of high temperature resistant alloy materials. The fuel is burned in this chamber. It is an important component of gas turbine engines, ramjets and rocket engines. For piston engines, the combustion chamber refers to the space between the top of the piston and the cylinder head after it reaches TDC.

Machine list >>

Machine list

There are 15 types of machines in the Dinnovation's factory ,different CNC metal spinning machines are invested to offer perfect metal spinning forming services to our customer ,we can supply sheet spinning ,tube spinning ,deep drawing ,flanging ,cylinder rolling and so on .

Except for our stronger metal forming ability, we can supply polishing ,brushed ,5-Axis laser cutting and welding .We finish most of fabrication in our factory .

Metal forming abilities >>

From 2013   CNC metal spinning 

● Sheet metal spinning : We finish different and complex shape of metal spun products .

● Heavy duty CNC spinning : Thickness of stainless steel >6mm, diameter >1600mm .

● Precision CNC spinning : We supply turbojet, turbine,tail jet ,fairing and aerospace components .

● Heating metal spinning : We applied it to make hard and special metal such as Hardox ,SUS630,Incone 718 .

● Tube metal spinning : Min tube 10mm, Max tube 500mm are used in tube spinning .

From 2018   Deep drawing

● We begin to combine deep drawing with metal spinning processing .

● Improving the depth of  final metal forming product .

● Reducing the lead time and cost in the production .

Additional fabrication

CNC milling CNC turning 5 axis laser welding argon arc welding
Flanging Rolling Stamping bending
Powder coating Polishing Oxidation 5 axis laser cutting

Metal spinning accuracy

● Diameter : 300mm   height: 200mm

● Diameter accuracy  :+-0.15mm

● Height accuracy  :+-0.2mm

Testing and inspection >>

Testing and quality

● Size : Diameter - calliper, Height - Height guage, Thickness - Thickness gage.

● Curve : Inspection tool and three - dimensional

● Relative position : Inspection tool and three - dimensional

● Welding : Tensile strength test ,X-ray ,ultrasonic detection ,air pressure testing

● Appearance : Polishing ,brushed ,powder coating and paint .


● We are familiar with metal spun characteristics of various metals .

● We have finished the most challenging project in aircraft and military.

● 10+ years of experience and resources to finish the production on time .

Management and standard

Management and standard

● Standard CNC metal spinning process parameters and records.

● Standard CNC mold ,CNC spinning roller ,Inspection tool .