Metal  forming abilities

Metal forming abilities

Metal spinning forming

Metal spinning forming

Dinnovation metal spinning forming technique includes metal spinning and deep drawing . 

● We supply more than 2000 types of metal spinning shell>> .

● We supply more than 100 types of deep drawing shell .

● We process more than  100 types of metal materials .

The road of CNC metal spining development

2013-2015 : Light duty CNC metal spinning 

Application industry -- Consumer goods

Blank thickness -- Aluminum < 2.0mm, Steel <1.5mm, Stainless steel <1.2mm

Technical feature -- Different shape forming technology 

Most of metal spinning company olny supply the common product applied in consumer goods, the main market is tableware and lampshade ,these thin spun product is made by light duty CNC metal spinning or hand spinning ,this machine just can output small spinning force by small power servo motor .


2015-2019: Heavy duty CNC metal spinning 

Application industry -- Industrial equipment fitting

Blank thickness --  Aluminum >5mm, Steel >4mm , Stainless steel >3mm

Technical feature -- Heating metal spinning and special metal properties 

Many industries needs to make spun products are assembled in a machine ,these spun parts are thick wall to bear  weight or engineering force ,such as funnel ,air spring ,venturi ,automatic frying bowl .heavy duty CNC metal spinning can process thicker sheet with stronger spinning force .


2019-2021: High accuracy CNC spinning 

Application industries -- Aircraft turbojet and aerospace

Finish accuracy -- Diameter accuracy 0.35mm. 

Technical feature --Testing technology and assemble technology  

More and more special spun metal are used in these industries ,such as hardox ,high temperature alloy ,Incone ,you will find the metal is hard to spin as the value of hardness and tensile strength is bigger than SUS304, All these special metal are spun by heating .except you control the CNC spinning path to overcome metal springback ,temperature control is another important factor to control the accuracy .


Sheet metal spinning specification 

Metal Diameter Thickness Height
Aluminum 0.5-48'' 0.314'' 39.3''
Stainless steel 0.5-48'' 0.157'' 11.8''
Steel 0.5-48'' 0.197'' 19.6''


Tube metal spinning specification 

Metal Diameter Thickness Height
Aluminum 0.5-48'' 0.314'' 39.3''
Stainless steel 0.5-48'' 0.157'' 11.8''
Steel 0.5-48'' 0.197'' 19.6''

The road of deep drawing development

From 2018   Deep drawing + Metal spinning

We begin to combine deep drawing with metal spinning .

● Improving the depth of  final metal forming product .

● Reducing the lead time and cost in the production .

● Finish complex shape except for solid of revolution .

What is deep drawing

What is deep drawing

The principle of deep drawing is to apply external force to the material along the axis to produce plastic deformation and achieve the purpose of changing the shape and performance. When the material is subjected to tensile stress, its atoms or molecules move and rearrange, resulting in changes in the internal structure of the material and plastic deformation.

The difference between metal spinning and deep drawing

Deep drawing is another metal spinning forming technology,compare to metal spinning ,it can process more shape except revolving body .

● Mold cost : deep drawing mold  is 3-5 times of metal spinning mold .it need upper mold and inner mold to make the sheet deformation .but spun mold just needs a interior mold .

● Unit price : deep drawing is cheaper than metal spinning , it takes 10 -20 seconds to form a sheet every step ,it uses more step to finish .but metal spinning spins a sheet on a mold and takes more time .

● Lead  time  : mold period of deep drawing is 2-3 times of metal spinning ,production lead time of metal spinning is 2-3 times of deep drawing .

Prcess steps and final product properties

When use metal spinning and deep drawing make a same cylinder .we introduce the difference in the following .

the process step of metal spinning and deep drawing

● Blank sheet :  round sheet both .

● Thinning rate : metal spining is 40%-50%, deep drawing is 20-30%.

● Process steps : metal spinning is deformed by one step , deep drawing needs more steps to form .

● Mold period : metal spinning is less mold ,deep drawing is more mold .

● Appearance :  spinning line is round ,deep drawing line is straight .

● Deformation force :  deep drawing need 3-5 times of deformation force than metal spinning .

● Production efficiency : deep drawing is quicker than metal spinning .

● Internal stress : internal stress of metal spinning is stronger than deep drawing .

Advantage of metal spinning

Metal spinning is less mold cost and mold period ,it is benifit for design adjustment ,it takes 2-3 days to adjust mold size . 
When the MOQ is less than 1000 pieces (small quantity orders ),the metal spinning is good choice .the disadvantage is unit price is more expensive than deep drawing .

Advantage of deep drawing

Deep drawing needs more time to make mold ,But the production efficiency is better than deep drawing ,when the MOQ is more than 2000 pieces ,you can choose the deep drawing ,the disadvantage of deep drawing is mold cost is too expensive .

Strength and accuracy

Deep drawing products will have better accuracy ,but the strength of metal spinning is better .
consumer goods are suitable to deep drawing ,equip and industry parts are suitable to metal spinning .

Rolling and Flanging

Rolling and Flanging

Rolling is used to roll a metal cylinder .
Flanging is used to form flange instead of welding a flange.