CNC spinning demould

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Metal spinning demould is a important technology in spun forming ,metal spun part needs to take off from mold smoothly after spinning in the production ,if the demould of mold design is wrong ,the product is hard to take off or it's surface will be scratches in demould .Demould effect the quality and efficiency of production ,now we introduce several demould ways to help you to make it better .

Why the metal spinning is difficult to take off from the mold 

● Flange : If the metal spinning part with a wide flange is more than 30mm. the spun deformation of metal rebound in flange position will hold the mold tightly .

● Cylinder height is more than 100mm : There is vacuum between mold and spun parts ,the interior pressure is less than exterior , so it stops spun part to take off .

● Aluminum spun touch the mold tightly : The aluminum is less internal tress rebound ,so aluminum spun part can hold the mold tightly .

air pressure  demold ways

● Air pressure demould 

Air pressure demould is a basic demould way in metal spinning ,the CNC metal spinning machine design the air pressure pipe to assemble into the mold .the air pressure can be set different value .the air pressure can form a force to pull the metal spun part out .

long container spun products demold

 ● Hydraulic pressure demould

Cylinder height is more than 200mm : Hydraulic pressure can offer stronger force to pull the metal spun part out ,you can design the pull part like the image to demold ,Pull part connect the spinning cylinder by a long pole , this cylinder can spining follow the spindle ,when the spindle stop working after finishing spinning ,cylinder will offer the force to pull the Pull part ,the pull part will take off the spun part togather from the mold .

● Demould cone 

If the customer allow the design change ,you can use the demould cone ,it help to reduce the vacuum situation and it can be took off easly.

● Sample demould 

You can heat the metal spun part to increase the diameter ,then you can use the air pressure to take off.

● CNC program adjust 

You need to judge the gap between mold and spun part, which position is least with mold where is hold tightly .you can use a little hammer to beat this position ,if the sound is litte, you can increase the gap of this position in CNC program ,so the diameter of this position will be bigger and take off easily .