CNC metal spinning roller

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Metal spinning roller is an important component in the metal spinning machine,it needs the exterior hardness to bear the metal sheet friction, it needs toughness to resist the impact force .we can choose the right material ,fabrication and maintain ways to make metal spinning roller work better .


Metal spinning roller material 

● Cr12Mov    ● SKH-9    ●Tungsten alloy

Metal spinning roller needs hardness to bear the abrasion

● If you spin aluminum ,steel ,copper ,Cr12mov can achieve HRC58 after quenching ,it is hard enough to resist  abrasion when spin steel ,aluminum ,copper  .

● If you spin titanium ,stainless steel ,or some harder metal ,Cr12mov is easy to wear as titanium and stainless steel are harder than aluminum and steel , you can choose the SKH-9 to make spinning roller ,it can achieve HRC62 after quenching ,but SKH-9 and Tungsten alloy have a disadvantage that the impact resistance is worse than Cr12mov spinning roller ,so you have to be careful to avoid impact .

● In order to improve the impact resistance , we can use the Cr12mov + quenching +tungsten plating ,so the roller can achieve the hardness and impact resistance at the same time. you can plating the surface again when the tungsten plating wear and disappear .this way can improve the roller life .


Metal spinning roller technical requirement 

metal spinning roller CAD drawing

● Bearing hole : +-0.015mm

● Excircle runout : 0.02mm

● Hardness : HRC 58

● Excircle finished : mirror polishing 


Why Tool mounting screw is M8-M12

Tool mounting screw is assemble the spinning roller to tool mounting ,if the screw is bigger ,the connection force is bigger , little tool mounting screw can break when we operate miss and impact the roller ,it can protect the other components of metal spining machine and avoid damage .


Metal spinning roller maintain 

● Bearing lubricating oil : it needs to be lubricatied regularly .

● CNC turning repair the surface : the roller will be scratches after using a period time ,you can use CNC turning the surface again and polish the surface .

CNC spinning roller